The Gass Works: Works of Benjamin Gass

  • Wandering Slider

    A slider built on Angular.js. This project is more than just a slider that allows rotation through an array of images. This slider allows forward movement through those images and loads a new set of images based off the users new virtual location. Modeling the linking relations between the images and the path or hub objects they belonged to was an interesting challenge. Possible application for virtual tours or homemade photo adventure games.

  • To-Do app

    A To-Do app built with JQuery. On form submission users create new list elements with listeners for their own removal. Each item has a remove button and check boxes that listen on the remove all checked button.

  • BackBone CRUD app

    A Create Read Update Delete user app, the basic fundamentals of data storage, built on BackBone.js. Form data is validated with javascript, users receive a descriptive error message and field contents are preserved for resubmission.

  • BlackJack

    An object oriented game of blackjack. The dealer will hit up to 17. Aces are worth eleven points unless it would make the value of the hand greater than 21 in which case an ace is worth one point. All card images as sprites of a larger card image.

  • Code Challenges

    Solutions to various coding exercises with a focus on efficient, creative solutions. These have been done almost exclusively with vanilla javascript.